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Throw yourself down the rabbit hole of this detective styled horror novel.

The first of the series, this disturbing bad dream of a CYOA is unlike anything you have read before.

A vast cast of characters, multiple endings, pieces to the puzzle hidden in every dark corner. Reading between the lines of this psychological thriller will make you feel like you’re in a David Lynch film and you’re all alone.

Depending on your point of view you will find it deeply meaningful or discordantly meaningless, but either way it will get under your skin.

Why should you explore this place? Because this is only the beginning of a mystery that is going to unravel across multiple games, some interactive fiction, some 3D and some… well, you’ll see…    

Click here for the free prequel. (A treat before the meal begins.)

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Buy Now$1.00 AUD or more

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how to get steam key ?

Seul. In development. 3D. 


This game was really cool. I didn't really know what to expect from it, but I liked it!

Hey Mr Bobbly cheers for playing, short but sweet! Sorry mate for the late reply but an utterly entertaining watch! It was really good to see yet another part to the puzzle played. Another pathway has come to light with another clue to Peggy and what Seul is. Thank you for this! Cheers and keep up the awesome channel dude. 

Paranormal out... 

Kinda forgot to share my video here after posting it, but I finally have time to. First off, thanks for the free copy to check it out! I uh, didn't realize there was any autosaving happening, so I just ran threw the whole thing. I uh... not really sure how I felt about it? Not that it was bad, but probably it was just that this isn't a game that should be played all the way through in one sitting. It was just, a lot of reading, and that's not really my strong suit, and given how weird the font and the area around it is, it was pretty difficult to get through. It kinda just felt like it was really hooking me at the beginning, but to me that feels like where it peaked and after talking to that first girl it just gradually making me uninterested as it went on. The characters were pretty good with each their own distinct personality tho, so I really liked that. I hope you enjoy the video! 

Cyberwolf, cheers dude! Yeah a full on read is heavy as dude. Thanks for the feedback mate. 


I went into the darkness a couple of nights ago thinking everything was going to be fine as a brave and mighty warrior (that I am). I will admit though, the choices I have made brought me to a much darker and disturbing place than the darkness itself. Creepy!

Thank you Nick and the rest of Paranormal Games for the unsettling horror and I look forward to your future projects.

Cheers, TheLegendOfW for the kind words, cool vid man! We're glad you enjoyed it and we're happy to have watched you enter the dark. 


First of all, thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to sink my teeth into your game, I very much appreciated it!

I've played a fair few text-based adventure style games in my time, but this one really stands out because of the amazingly subtle use of background noise and sporadic images that help the imagination picture what's going on around you.

The story is compelling, and I found myself feeling genuinely claustrophobic and trapped at times, purely because of the atmosphere of it all. And as the story goes on and we trek deeper into the darkness, mysteries begin to unfurl and threads begin to unravel, which all leads to a very riveting end!

I will go through this game again and try some different options, but I'll let my current playthrough stay as is to tempt other people to dive in for themselves and try different things. I'm going to go have a peek at the prequel sometime too, I need to digest more of the story!

Keep up the amazing work, this was a real treat to play! =)


Thanks to Nick for checking out the first part of my playthrough and inviting me to post the other parts! For your eyes only, here's part 2!


An extremely entertaining watch! Cheers MikeyBlighe! 


One more part for your palates, and my time here is done. For now.


Exciting to watch our own game because of the way you rolled them out. A great watch! Cheers again MikeyBlighe! 


Had the chance to give this one a go last night. Really love the way this was written; it feels very much like a bad dream. The added background noises and music really established the unnerving atmosphere and when it did kick in at certain points it just-- (chef's kiss) 

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We just finished watching it Serien, 

You should seriously look into getting a job as a narrator, your voice holds so much character! Brilliant video and it was awesome to see someone enter The Booth.

Slowly the parts are all beginning to unfold! I wonder who will be the first to save Peggy and begin piecing the mystery together? (o_O)'

Thanks for playing Serien, keep up the great vids!   



This is the best text based game I have ever played. Once you start its hard to stop. Its alot of reading but well worth it. Besure to give it a try for yourself!!

we're super glad you enjoyed it! 😁

Cheers GG Gab for playing Seul.(Alone) The entree! We definitely appreciate it!  

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THE DAY BEFORE. The free part to Seul.(Alone) 


This was a really strange game!   I liked it.  The atmosphere was really good, and the strange characters made it all the better.  The only thing that I kinda had a problem with was when some of the music would kick in and be really loud.  Great game, and I hope you all the best in any future projects!

As much as I expected, this was amazing. It was just the right amount of unsettling that I had an uneasy feeling in my guts through out the entire game, but in a strange way it was enjoyable. I love how it was incredibly theatrical with such little visual effect. Definitely one of my favorites to date. 

Loved it was absolutely brilliant very creepy nice mood setting i loved the characters i hope you do make another

Cheers Silent Duck for giving the game a go. We really enjoyed watching it man! Stay SiC and keep up the awesome vids. We understand that a text based game like this is fucking hard to narrate and delve into the story at the same time. So a monumental effort dude!    

 Thanks again and we are truly appreciative. 

It was awesome i love visual novels and text based adventures i honestly think this game deserves more attention very unique it gave me the shivers at times

Massive thanks to Kay over at GitRad for giving Seul.(Alone) The entree a shot.

"Seul.(Alone) ticks all those boxes & is up there as one of the finer ‘choose your own adventure’ style games." 

7/10 GBHBL